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We are a local CIC made up of PADI qualified Scuba Diving Instructor & staff, who has set up Just Dive In CIC to break down barriers to those who would love to try it!


We remove all obstacles, be they fiscal, health concerns, logistics or any others - and we work with all types of groups and communities.


It can be up £300/400 even £500 - to become a scuba diver in Scotland, it’s expensive, niche with few women or children taking part. Especially not poorer or disabled Scots. It’s a closed off world!


People are stressed. Covid, Brexit, the worlds a scary place! People badly need respite, and they need to know there's more to life than the gloom and doom we hear and see all day, every day right now!


These are dark and scary times.

We offer a world apart from this one. The one beneath the waves. The Professional Association Of Diving Instructors (PADI) and Just Dive In CIC want to bridge the gap between those who can afford such indulgent pastimes and those who cannot fiscally or for any other reason take part!


We take children and adults from a range of backgrounds, without any exclusions and we offer them the chance of a lifetime. We begin snorkelling at Age 5 and Scuba Diving at Age only 8! We run fun, skill intense experiences in small, manageable chunks of only £15 per one hour!


We want to be the bridge for our communities - to try a sport that usually costs hundreds! To try Scuba Diving!


Based in the West Coast of Scotland, we offer a host of services for you to utilise, we pride ourselves on safety and making sure you and your loved ones have the best and safest time with us! 


We are offering travel trips for our divers with us in the coming years, with the first trip being to Oman & Dubai and hopefully taking place in the Spring of 2020! Keep your eyes peeled for more on this on our Social Media pages. 


We are going to offer full training as above so if this is your first foray into diving, or if your a lapsed diver and you need to get yourself a refresher - drop us a line. 


We offer specialised equipment for you - with us having 'baby' size scuba tanks for the little ones, and tiny BCDs for their little bodies - we cater to all feet, little or large and we will ensure you are 100% comfortable with all that we do. 


As mentioned above, scuba diving is theraputic and in application - can affect real change on an individual. We have a number of students who have undergone serious medical conditions and have been able to increase their value of life in real terms, by attending our sessions. We have been priviliged to help people fight their way through cancer treatments and other challenges and as long as this is cleared by your doctor - then we are more than happy to facilitate it at your pace. 


We also are working on beginning a program of training and internship in the Renfrewshire/Glasgow area - where people who perhaps haven't found an academic path they like - or even are fancying a change of career - we are offering internships from entry level to Divemaster. A globally recognised qualification - which gives you exclusive access to the most incredible opportunites. Within our own dive team, we have been priviliged to live and work in many countries such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Australia, Grand Cayman - to mention but a few..... we are offering you this opportunity! Get in touch with us today about this if it's of interest! Of course, you may want to join our team and help us grow Just Dive further and helping us to help the good people of Scotland access this exclusive training. 


It truly is life changing!


On our other offerings - we are and have worked with many groups, clubs, kids organisations and we are also planning on doing a few beach clean ups, lochside clean ups and we are happy to work with children on their Duke of Edinburgh Qualification, for which scuba diving can be a part! How exciting to do that for an educational benefit!